Monday, July 27, 2009

Its pronounced "Joo-lie"

July is always the month that makes me feel like summer is slipping away. It is also one of the months where I am the busiest. Apart from spending some time with the family in Georgia, work and nursing a sick dog back to health I have had little time to do much else. I did, however, manage to compete in my first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition. Who cares how I lost. Its all about looking really bewildered that I even competed.

So that is that. Summer appears to have one solitary month left in it before I jump on a plane and go over to Europe to tour with my band for a month. Imagine how impressive the October update will be. In the meantime, make due. Make lemonade.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Old Photos of the Week: Transparencies!

This week I’ve unearthed a heap of slides and transparencies that I shot years ago. When I was in college I always used Ektachrome when shooting outside of class. I always loved the rich colors, and since I didn’t have time to print non-school work in the darkroom it gave me the ability to see the finished product of my photography and then say something like “I’ll get some prints made of these when I have a chance”.

So apparently by the giant stack of slide sheets I have in my desk drawer, I never got a chance to make any prints. But now that I have a scanner and a blog, I have a reason to live again! Behold the might that is my virtual blog slide show! It is almost like having to sit through a slide show of your family vacation, but in the comfort of your own home, and perhaps while totally naked.

These slides are just a smattering of the mess of transparencies in both 35mm and 120mm that I have lying around my office right now. Some I am saving for other updates, and others I probably will “get some prints made when I have a chance”.

The first two pictures are of a band called Takaru that played at the long defunct “House of Mosh” in Richmond VA. There was also a naked homeless man that showed up for part of their set, but I thought better than to scan in those pictures. I’m just not artsy enough for nude dudes.

The second picture is of my old roommate Cole on top of the thrift store that we lived next to. I have no idea what we were doing up there, and why he was wearing that horrible shirt, but I have a sinking suspicion that the shirt is mine, and I was up there specifically to take pictures of him wearing it.

The last two pictures are of a different roommate in the same house. This roommate went by “Chris Carroll” and these pictures were shot in a tiny room that was discovered off of his bedroom. Chris lived in the attic and noticed that there appeared to be a doorway that somebody had haphazardly dry walled over. Chris cut a 2 foot by 2 foot square in the wall and we both crawled in to discover, not rubies and gold, but insolation as far as the eye could see! Armed only with a flood lamp and serious apprehensions, we crawled along the rafters and climbed around before realizing that the room had probably been walled off for a good reason. I don’t think I ever went back in the room, but I’m almost positive that there is a short performance art piece involving a video of Chris being given birth to by a hole in the wall (the red paint symbolized angst).

Next week: pictures of me looking sad in my bathroom mirror.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Old Photos of the Week: Mouthbreather summer 2007 Tour/Recording

In July of 2007 Mouthbreather traveled to Louisville Kentucky to record our full length "Thank You For Your Patience" . Aside from being one of the hotter tours I've been on in recent memory it also had the most home tattooing out of any of the tours I've been on. Although I have never received a homemade tattoo I have witnessed it on several occasions before this tour, but never with the regularity that it occured in the two weeks we were on the road.
As you may also be able to tell from the pictures on this tour I encountered some of the drunkest people I've ever met. Often times on the same night that I witnessed the home tattooings. See a connection? Correlation does not always equal to causation, but in this case I believe it might. Don't try this at home. And if you do, make sure there is somebody there to take pictures.

Bridge and Tunnel Tour. Spring 2009

In March of 2009 Bridge and Tunnel from New York was nice enough to let Mouthbreather tag along for a short little tour down to St. Augustine FL. for the Harvest of Hope Fest. Although I didn't manage to take any pictures while camping for two days at the St. John's County Fair Ground, I did manage to take a few pictures of Bridge and Tunnel playing in Atlanta and Athens Georgia. Also featured are some pictures from the Mouthbreather camp that would pretty acurately describe at least 90% of the time spent on tour (hint: those are the pictures with strippers and hot tubs in them).

Lila the goat.

Although I haven't met that many goats in my life I can easily say that Lila is probably the most ornery one I have had the pleasure to spend time with. Nestled deep in the heart of Powhattan Virginia on an 85 acre bicentennial farm Lila divides her time between doing normal goat related activities and chasing her owner Chris' friends around his yard. If you've never been headbutted by a enraged goat I would not recommend it, but I cannot deny that it is not without its comical value.
Look for Lila on the front and back cover of the band Mouthbreather's upcoming EP named, oddly enough, "Lila"

No place to start like the begining...

I've decided to join the "blogosphere" which has been defined by the mighty Wikipedia as a "collective term encompassing all blogs and their interconnections. It is the perception that blogs exist together as a connected community (or as a collection of connected communities) or as a social network.". Sounds pretty cool, huh? Almost like I'm actually doing something more than just sitting in front of a computer clicking the hours away instead of doing something outside on this beautiful day.

Eventually this blog will be used to break hot celebrity gossip and hard hitting, nail biting news stories. Until I figure how to do that I will mostly use this to post my photography, both old and new. So to start it off here are some older photographs of mine. If you've seen any of my photography before, its probably these. Enjoy.