Friday, January 29, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

finding time to grind, daily.

Nasum "Helvete"

That earthquake in Hati really got me thinking about that tsunami in Thailand which really got me thinking about that band Nasum. Apparently the singer/guitarist from Nasum was vacationing in Thailand and napping on the beach with his girlfriend when the tsunami struck, killing them both. So in honor of global catastrophe and in memoriam of their victims I've provided a link to download Nasum's grind masterpiece that is "Helvete". Helvete is Swedish for "hell" by the way. How metal is that?

In other news I've been keeping up with my resolution just fine, thanks for asking. I've found myself on several occasions truly glad that I've had my camera with me and thankful for my resolution to give me a shot in the arm to take more photographs. I've also found myself taking a pictures at the last possible second before going to bed just so I don't break my resolution. I've provided some examples of both.

So all in all, things are going well. Except for earthquakes.

And, yes, I have absolutely no qualms with eating a huge bowl of spaghetti and meatballs right before bed. And who are you to judge anyways?

Friday, January 1, 2010

You say you want a resolu-u-tion....

Its 2010 and I'm absolutely thrilled. According to Hollywood we either are 2 years from certain doom (see this years special effects masturbatory thrill ride "2012"), 5 years from hover boards (see the classic futuristic cock-tease "Back to the Future II") or 15 years over due for some serious Orwellian dystopia (self explanatory). In any case 2010 is going to be MY year, so get your own.

I've rarely been one to make new years resolutions with the exception of the one I made wherein I quick smoking, but this year I've decided to make another one that I plan to keep. I'm sure this has been done before, but I've decided to take at least one photograph per day in 2010. I do not, however, plan on posting every single photograph because taking 365 photographs that are worth showing to the word in a single year is an incredibly daunting task that I'd rather not let the internet hold me accountable for. The rules are simple for this resolution and are as follows:

1) No cell phone photographs. No webcam photographs either. This is the blogosphere, not myspace.
2) No doubling up on photographs, i.e.- "I'll take seven photographs today so I can take the week off, chuckle chuckle chuckle...". Get off the couch. History Channel will be there when you get back.
3) Work photographs do not count. These photos have to be on my own time.
4) No erotic self portraits. This should be self explanatory.

Other than that, it looks like I'll have at least 365 photos by the end of 2010 to look back and laugh at/with. To prove I'm taking this seriously, this is what was happening when the ball dropped on 2010.
Yes, I was at home watching my dogs maul my wife. Oh, and maybe I should limit the amount of pictures I take right before bed because "Oops I just remembered that I forgot to take a picture!", but that's for another year perhaps.

So goodnight 2009, you were alright, but my super badass new friend 2010 just showed up and he's a great dancer. We're going to party like its 11 years ago. So I'll see you in the funny papers.